Lion Logo Design

Definitely had fun with this little design project to illustrate a lion's head. I started with the core features while leaving all the crazy detail out. Funny thing with this illustration is that I only had to design one side of the face and then later one duplicated it and flipped it so it looks symmetrical. This way makes it seem like less work but with a rewarding outcome.


Metal Stamped Pewter Blanks Photography Design

Photographing metal can be so difficult and draining but yet so rewarding once you get the right angles, reflections and tones.

We're coming out with these awesome metal stamping pewter border shapes at my job that you can customize with your own border design stamps. I really enjoyed portraying with these great designed projects by Sarah.

We had some bottles as props, a backlight with a mirror as a reflector, a vintage Canon FD mount macro lens with  a FD to EF mount adapter and our Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera. With this particular FD lens and to use the liveview feature I had to overexpose by a few seconds in order to get a well lit representation in the camera's screen. Once I had my focus right I made the shutter speed faster until the indicator arrow was around the middle. 

Food Truck logo concept.

Here I show a way to show a word that has OOD like Food or Good. Imagine Good Burgers with Good done with this idea taken further. oof!

It all first started when I woke up from an evening nap when I came home from work.

I grabbed my phone and I saw a Hangouts notification from my older brother attaching an image of the Festival of the Food Trucks down in Mooresville, NC. 

Half confused, tired from waking up from the nap and I guess the right amount of oxygen going to my brain at the moment made the difference in O's in the word "Food" stood out to me and made me see some sort of hot dog, or a burger and an idea developed that would make an awesome icon.

I then came to my office and typed "food" in Adobe Illustrator CC in Swiss 721 BT and happened to fall in love with it! so I proceeded since this will only live on my blog post. 

I really liked the negative space within the O shape so I created a shape around the second O and used the Pathfinder, Divide feature to be able to select the negative space in the O.

I used cmd-x to cut, deleted the remaining shapes I didn't need and used cmd-f to paste the negative space in the same position. 

At this point I liked where I was going so I'm got to tweak the angles and shape around each letter to give it more of a "natural" iconic way about it. I changed thicknesses of the angles and warped the O and D a bit to get more of a "burger" "Hot Dog" look.

I then typed the word Truck and instantly became the spirit of something, an idea, a concept that is yet to be discovered...sometimes some ideas come like that, and I'm not claiming I created this first hand but something I arrived at in a way that can be traced back.

Logo concept and idea for brand identity

Geometry versus Fantasy. When to use it and when to ignore it? 

That simple question arrived when I was doing a simple star in Illustrator but wanted to divide it into different sections. I can take this a lot further but since it's for no reason I'd rather just leave it as is and get inspired from it later. I do like the idea of revealing a geometric shape in a recognizable way but then mess the other portion, can be blurred, pixelated, halftone and warped.... I'm sure you can mess with the opacity too!


PJ Tool Jewelry Email Campaign for New Pewter Shapes


I've been looking for an excuse to design something with a watercolor brush stroke that will enhance the whole canvas while not making it busy. I had some  projects ready to be photographed, I decided to give this a try and make the projects pop. 

 I like to design very simple and minimal email designs to indulge the viewer on the subject itself and leave room to wander around the view

I used a Canon 70D DSLR camera with a 18-135mm f5.6/Canon Lens.


Celtic Font Letter Set Design

One of the most interesting parts of graphic design is fonts and font creation. It is crucial that all characters in a font have a harmony in between to improve legibility and enhance visual content. A font designer must think what the purpose of the custom font design is for and then apply that to the piece. This a custom Celtic/gothic font I'm developing for work...this is the beginning stages and still have to design the lowercase for this font but for now I'll post this screenshot.

24 Designs logo idea.

Sometimes a good logo comes from the simplicity of a symbol, a color, a shape, a single letter represents so much of your business and most people take it for granted. A good logo designer shouldn't take for granted those things when thinking of a logo project. A creative graphic designer must simplify it to its core to then understand the layers on top.